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Write for Love and Paper Flowers

Thank you for your interest in writing for Love and Paper Flowers. I am looking forward to working together.

Below are the guidelines for pitching your article/post.


This site publishes content related to the following topics:

  • Bogging Monetization
  • Blog Traffic and SEO
  • WordPress
  • Website Creation and Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies (especially Pinterest and Facebook)
  • Blogging Organization and Productivity

How to Pitch

Send me a message to nataly (at) loveandpaperflowers (dot) com with the subject line “Guest Post Pitch” and let me know what you have in mind.

Then include:

  • Links to writing samples from your blog/website.
  • Title post examples and ideas for the content.

If you already have written article/post, you can go ahead and submit it.

Note: Not all pitches will be accepted… AND please don’t take it personal if your pitch is turned down. All it means is that your tone and/style of writing isn’t a proper fit for this site… that’s all. As site owner I want to ensure that all the articles published on this website have a similar and cohesive voice.

Writing and Submitting Your Article

If your idea is approved, then is time to get writing.

Next, are the guidelines for writing and submitting your article as well as other additional information.


Submit your article in a Microsoft Word Doc (preferably) or Google Doc (enable editing). Send it to Nataly (at) loveandpaperflowers (dot) com. Then, I’ll take it from there.

Word Count

All articles published on this site are 1000 words and higher. However, exceptions can be made for content that follow the following guidelines and are a fit for the overall voice of this website.

Unique Content

Your content must be 100% unique!

Duplicate content can be very bad for SEO, so needless to say this is non-negotiable.

In addition, republication is not permitted. You may not post your content on any other website once it is published on this site.

Once your content has been submitted, I will ensure it has never been published anywhere else on the web by running it through duplicate content tool. Nothing personal, just precaution.


I reserve the right not to publish your content if it doesn’t meet the requirements or if it doesn’t fit the tone and style of the site.

I also reserve the right to edit or modify the entirety of your submission for grammar and syntax.

Once published, the content belongs 100% to Love and Paper Flowers.


Once your post/article is published, you agree to share it on your social media accounts. I will also do the same on my end. That will ensure our brand-new content gets as much reach as possible once published.


No need to worry about creating social media graphics for your content. I will create all related images for your contribution.

How do you benefit?

Contributing to Loveandpaperflowers.com benefits you in multiple ways:

  • Visibility to a new audience
  • High-quality, “do-follow” backlink (you can include up to 2 links to your own websites in your bio)
  • Mention and promote your own “related” product (with my affiliate link)
  • Up to 200 words of self-promotion in your author bio


I know that was a lot of information and given the above “guidelines” I know how it can come off a bit, well… demanding!

I am real person and I happen to be very approachable. 😊

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and pitch your ideas.

I am open to collaborating and compromising so that we both get what we are looking for in the process.

Nataly (at) loveandpaperflowers (dot) com

Till then,