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5 Crucial Tips to Drastically Increase Your Blog Traffic using Pinterest

How can I increase my blog traffic using Pinterest? That my friend, is the million-dollar question.

As you probably already know, Pinterest is the top traffic referrer for most bloggers, including myself.

Pinterest has the ability to give your pins exposure and drive all sorts of free traffic to your blog.

However, it certainly doesn’t happen with the click of a button. In fact, it takes consistency, and implementing effective strategies to help you achieve Pinterest success.

As we all know, Pinterest can be a bit… well, moody.

Recently, there has been many changes surrounding Pinterest due to the IPO and trade, algorithm changes, and seasonal transition.

However, only a few things remain true about improving and/or maintaining Pinterest engagement and increasing blog traffic using Pinterest.

So, are you ready to see your Pinterest stats spike?

Let’s go over these tried and true Pinterest tips MUST-DO’S to help you increase blog traffic and Pinterest engagement.

5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic using Pinterest 

How to increase blog traffic using Pinterest

**This post contains some “affiliate links”. This means if you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product/ service, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products, services, and/or business that I personally use, love, and/or believe will add value to my readers. Thank you so much! Click here for more info.

If you are new to Pinterest altogether, check out this Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Beginners.

1. Pin consistently  

One of the most important things when it comes to increasing Pinterest traffic is to pin consistently!

In fact, pinning consistently is what I also consider to be one of the 7 priority blogging tasks with the highest ROI (Return on Investment).

But, what exactly does pinning consistently entail?

In order to gain traction and momentum within the Pinterest platform, pinning DAILY is the best-case scenario for Pinterest traffic growth and increase blog traffic.

When you are active in the Pinterest platform daily, the algorithm favors you.

So, now that you know you should be pinning daily…

What exactly should you be pinning and where?                              

Daily pinning consists of pinning your own pins and other people’s pins within your niche.

There are different opinions as to what the ratio between your own pins and other’s pins is ideal, however that is totally up to you.

A good ratio is an 80/20 ratio (80% your pins and 20% other people’s pin) if you have a lot of your own pins. If you are just starting out, then pinning other’s content to your own related boards is fine also.

Pinning other’s “related” content to your own boards allows you to build strong boards which Pinterest could then keyword accordingly (more on that later).

A good amount is pinning 20-30 pins a day.

Bloggers use a combination of manual pinning and scheduled pinning. Tailwind is the most popular (and Pinterest approved) Pinterest and Instagram scheduler.

If you need help with establishing a successful pinning routine along with many more incredible Pinterest strategies to skyrocket blog traffic I highly recommend Pinteresting Strategies eCourse by Carly Campbell.

The very same strategies listed in this eCourse is what got my second blog almost 10k views the very first month after launch.

2. Use a Pinterest Scheduler

As previously mentioned, pinning consistently is one of the key factors in reaching Pinterest success and increasing blog traffic.

Using a Pinterest scheduler can help you enormously in saving you time, keeping your sanity, and helping you stay organized.

In addition, Pinterest algorithm reward active pinners by showcasing their pins more often than those who don’t participate as often, therefore it is important to enlist some help in the process.

The Pinterest Scheduler of my choice and most blogger is Tailwind.

Pin schedulers are companies that provide you with automated pinning throughout the day for a small fee.

Tailwind allows for automatic pinning scheduling throughout the day (or weeks), depending on how far ahead you want to schedule the out. All it requires is a few minutes a week, so that you can schedule your Pins to be pinned to your designated personal boards and group boards.

What’s more, Tailwind’s detailed analytics goes deep into your Pins and boards performance. This kind of information is pivotal when implementing successful Pinterest marketing strategies.

For a FREE 1-month trial of Tailwind, click here!

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3. Create new and engaging pins everyday

There is nothing that Pinterest loves more than NEW CONTENT!

What do I mean by new content?

New blog posts and NEW pins for old blog posts.

New pins are considered fresh content in the Pinterest platform, which increase the chances of the NEW pin getting picked up in the algorithm.

Also, try making pins of different sizes. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio so the most common pin size is 600px x 900px.

However, many bloggers including myself have had even better success with 1000px x 1,500px and 600px by 1,250px size pins. That is why it is so important to pin often and try different strategies to see what your audience gravitates more towards to and what Pinterest algorithm favors in your niche.

In addition, try making engaging pins by adding trigger words to your pin titles and using big fonts and bright colors. Pay close attention to the pins that take off and get the most traction. Then, use them as templates to make similar ones.

So, how consistent should we be creating new content?

Well, ideally 2 blog posts a week and at least 2 new pins a day are ideal and what is currently working for most bloggers, including myself.

After running two blogs, creating pins for multiple niches, and hundreds of pin designs later, I can tell you with certainty that introducing new content to Pinterest EVERY DAY is the only way to stay ahead and increase blog traffic using Pinterest.

If you are part of my email list, you have seen my Pinterest numbers rise consistently in my new blog thanks to that same principle.

If you would like to be part of my blogging community where I share blogging resources, tips, and strategies on a regular basis, you can sign-up totally free here.

Yes, creating pins DAILY!

I know is a LOT of work. But from personal experience and seeing the positive changes on two different niche blogs… I am CERTAIN that is worth every minute of it.

The numbers don’t lie.

However, God knows writing new blog posts is more of a luxury these days. At least for me it is.

With two small kids, 2 blogs, house chores, and a million other responsibilities… taking a shower these days is a luxury!

SO, if creating NEW PINS daily is the only way to see results on Pinterest and blog traffic, but creating 2 pins daily from scratch sounds like a nightmare? (because it is) …

I recently created something that will help you enormously.

I created it for myself out of pure necessity and seeing the difference it made in my blogging life and productivity I decided to do it for all of those who also want to regain their “Pin daily creation” sanity!

It is the Pinterest Template Bundle.

If you are looking for effective Pinterest Pin templates, that are high quality, click-worthy, and sanity saving…  Here are 30 beautiful Pinterest Templates, in 3 different sizes, with video instructions and a special BONUS you don’t want to miss!

4. Make strong personal boards

You a can create as many beautiful pins as you want, however you must ensure they are pinned to the your most relevant personal boards, first!

Ok, hang on. Let me take it back a notch here.

Pinterest assigns “keywords” to new pins based on multiple of factors:

  • the boards they are pinned to first (and their description)
  • the pins title
  • pin description
  • the boards other people pin it to
  • …and so on

It is extremely important that your personal boards are optimized to receive those pins.

So, how exactly do you optimize personal Pinterest boards?

You optimize personal boards by adding relevant and strong third-party content to them. Ideally, when you first create the board.

All you have to do is go to your Pinterest search bar and type the keyword or key phrase you plan on adding to your board title and description.

For instance, “Paleo Recipes”.

Once you click enter, all the Pins that show at the top of the feed are considered by Pinterest the best matches for your keyword or key phrase.

Now, pin a few of those pins to your new “Paleo Recipes” board.

Over the next few days, stay consistent pinning relevant content to that board. That action is known as “prepping” your boards.

Now, once you’re ready to introduce your brand-new pin “10 Best Paleo Recipe for Beginners” to Pinterest, your new board “Paleo Recipes” will be ready to receive your pin.

In turn, based on where you pinned your brand-new Pin, Pinterest will now start to make an association with all the other pins pinned to that board and then Pinterest internal keywording process for you new pin will begin.

5. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Keywords is one of the most crucial aspects of increasing blog traffic using Pinterest.

In addition to pinning your pins to optimal personal boards, you must ensure you have used the targeted keyword(s) or key phrases within your:

  • pin title
  • pin description
  • personal board descriptions

A good way to find additional related keywords to add to your pin description for optimal results, is to:

  1. Go to your Pinterest search bar
  2. Type your main keyword/phrase, ex: “Paleo Recipes” and press enter

Increase blog traffic with Pinterest keywords

3. Use other related keywords that appear under the search bar that best relate to your article. Here            is an example of a Pin description including our related keywords:

Description: “Here are 10 of the best Paleo Dinner Recipes for beginner. This Paleo Recipes are easy and can also help with weight loss. #paleorecipes #paleo #paleoeating”.

The more related your pin description and title are to keywords that Pinterest users search for, the higher the chances of your pin appearing at the top of the feed in future search results.

And what does that mean?

You guessed it! Higher Pinterest impressions, higher Pinterest click-through, higher Pinterest saves, and ultimately the higher the blog traffic from Pinterest!

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Final Thoughts

Please note that it takes time for Pinterest to properly keyword your pins.

Although some pins take off in a matter of days, it could take weeks even months for pins to “mature”.

Also understand, that we don’t have control over what boards other people pin our pins to (which can potentially impact early key-wording).

Ultimately, Pinterest ever-changing algorithm is in full control of your Pin’s fate.

With that said, we can still give our pins the best shot at thriving, in turn increasing out blog traffic using Pinterest by:

  • Pinning consistently
  • Enlisting the help of Tailwind
  • Creating new content often and NEW high-quality and engaging pins DAILY
  • Having strong personal boards
  • Using the right keywords in the right places (pin titles, pin descriptions, board descriptions)
  • Look into taking one the best Pinterest Courses for bloggers for additional tips and strategies

So, what are you doing to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest?

Don’t forget to pin it for later…

Increase Pinterest traffic to your blog with these crucial tips

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  1. Hi,

    Great post. I am finding Tailwind less and less effective these days. The evidence is there in plain site for me. My own pins that I do manually get 1000% more views than any I do via Tailwind. The only part of tailwind I find effective still is Tribes. So much so, I’ve actually reduced my schedule from 25 to just 15 pins per day.

    Just my views, could be different for others.

    1. Thank you for you input John. I am still having great success with Tailwind. At this point I couldn’t do without it as I don’t have the time to manually pin as much I as want to.

  2. Hey Nataly,

    Good stuff, thanks!

    Please, in your experience, how many pins can safely be created for one blog post, without getting penalized by Pinterest for spamming?

    1. Great question Alex…

      Personally, once the post is published I only create 2 pins and post then one day apart from each other. Then, I create one pin every few days for that same post.

      With that said not every blog post gets the same attention. If I see that a particular article wasn’t a big hit, then I try not to get too caught up in making too many pins for that article. Instead, I try to create more pins for articles that my audience is already responding well to.

      I feel like that is a pretty safe approach. I know other bloggers that have a much more aggressive strategy and create 5-7 pins for one blog post at the same time! In my opinion that’s a bit risky.

      I hope that answers your question. 🙂

      1. I totally agree with your response to this. Not every content gets a lot of attention follow the ones you see people are loving. Time is money when it comes to blogging. Hence, invest it wisely.

  3. So if you’re pinning an 80/20 ratio (80% your pins and 20% other people’s pin) that seems like an awful lot of your own pins. You don’t think that doing so might negatively affect your engagement? Frankly I’d get kinda tired (Pinblind) of seeing posts of the same persons content. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Rich… thanks for reading.

      Truth this, that depends on a lot of factors:

      1. The number of followers you have
      2. The amount of group boards you are part of
      3. The amount of boards you have
      4. The number of pins you have for each blog post
      5. How often you create new pins
      6. And how far apart you schedule your pins to be pinned to relevant boards

      In other words, if I have 50 blog posts on my site and I create a new pin everyday day for a different article, and schedule it to pin to relevant boards using Tailwind using a 3-day interval, there isn’t a reason why I should be flooding my followers with the “same content”.

      New pins are considered new material, with a chance of taking off (because Pinterest LOVES new content… In turn, Pinterest will start showing it to relevant accounts (NOT your followers)… Which means reaching an audience who hasn’t even seen your pins yet!

      Point is, try to create new material often (blogs post), and/or try to make fresh pins for old content often. Then, pin them using time intervals so that it doesn’t look spammy or repetitive.

      I hope this was helpful.

      Nataly 🙂

  4. I loved your article. Very easy to understand and to add to my own goals as I plug away with this process. People make it seem so easy and although I’ve been able to make the pins I feel silly because I have not figured out how to get my affiliate link to work on Pinterest. It cannot bee that hard but I need help. Can you direct me to some easy to follow instructions. I’m an artist and very right brained! Keep up the great articles Nataly!

  5. I just loved ur article. I was looking for such information last few days but never got a satisfactory article. Your article is one of the best that I can implement. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great tips! When you say you should create 2 fresh new pins daily, do you then pin them to just your niche boards or a group boards too? Also what interval is best if pinning to more than one niche board or group board?

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Here is the cycle of my fresh pins:

      1. Create new pin
      2. Upload it to Pinterest and pin it my most relevant “personal” board.
      3. Pin it to other “personal” relevant boards at a 1 day interval (manually).
      4. Once I pin it to the last “personal relevant board, then I schedule it with Tailwind where I then schedule it to pin to all relevant “group” boards at a 3 day interval.

      I hope this was helpful Courtney… let me know if you have any question.

      Nataly 🙂

      1. Loved this article! Thank our for writing it! Ok I am confused by a “personal board” and a “group board”? Can you help clarify for me?

        1. Hi Jessica,
          Personal boards are those YOU create and only YOU contribute to. Group boards are created by you or others and have MULTIPLE contributors.This article has more information on group boards and personal boards.


      2. When you say “Once I pin it to the last “personal relevant board, then I schedule it with Tailwind where I then schedule it to pin to all relevant “group” boards at a 3 day interval.” Does that mean every 3rd day it is scheduled to be pinned to a different group board?

        Thanks so much! Your tips had the most meat of any that I have read.

        1. Hi Kathie… Yes, correct. If you set it at a “3-day interval” Tailwind will pin it to your designated boards every 3rd day.

          Thanks for reading. 🙂

        2. Hey Katie… Yes, typically with Tailwind I schedule in big intervals so that I reduce the risk of being flagged. I recently changed my intervals to 4-7 days.

  7. Great tips. One of the best things about using a Pinterest scheduler is that you can post when your community is most active. This will definitely help you get more traffic.

    1. Hey Natacha,

      Try those out for the next few weeks and you’ll see a tremendous difference. I would love your feedback once you implement it. Good luck.

      Nataly 🙂

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