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What is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020? Is it worth buying? (You’ll Be Surprised!)

So, you have heard about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019 (TGBTK2019) mentioned everywhere!

Everyone in the blogging community is talking about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

In fact, you will be probably receiving dozens of emails in next few weeks from the bloggers you follow talking about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019.

But what is all the buzz about? And is it something you should consider investing in?

Let’s take a look…

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019, TGBTK2019, Ultimate Bundles

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What is The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit? 

The Genius Blogger Toolkit is an incredible collection featuring high-quality blogging resources across a variety of blogging categories.

The biggest advantage of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit besides it’s top of the line content is the price. The GBTK usually sells at an unbeatable price of 95-98% OFF the retail price (more on pricing next).

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is put together by the Ultimate Bundles Team and it features top blogging products which they have carefully selected to be part of each year’s bundle.

These bundle products include:

  • eBooks
  • eCourses & videos
  • printables & workbooks
  • templates
  • stock photo collections
  • membership sites subscriptions

… all curated to give you a comprehensive blogging education that will grow with you as you hit each blogging milestone.

When is The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit available?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is available once a year for an average of 6 days except for a flash sale that happens a few months after the initial launch for only 48 hours.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit usually launches in October.

This year’s bundle will be available from Wednesday, October 2- October 7, 2019

This year’s bundle flash sale: Jan 15- 16, 2020

This  year’s Bundle (GBTK2020): September 2020 (Make you sign-up to be notified as soon as cart opens)

What does The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019 include?

This year is a really exciting year for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

The Ultimate Bundle’s Team has put together their biggest collection of tools and resources to date.

Not only are the resources in the Bundle itself amazing, BUT there a also a few other perks attached to the Bundle that make it even more special, such as:

  • 2 FREE pre-launch webinars
  • Early Birds bonuses
  • Bonuses within the Bundle itsels
  • and Cheat Sheets you can purchase additionally to save you precious time

More about all of these goodies in detail next and there is A LOT to uncover.

So, here is the line up for this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019…


[OCTOBER 2 – 7, 2019]

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019

This year’s bundle is packed with eCourses and eBooks that are sure to help you in every phase of your blogging journey.

I can’t wait to share with you the full details of all of the amazing resources in this TGBTK 2019. You will not believe the amount of value that it is packed in this robust Bundle.

In addition, there are two amazing totally FREE webinars leading up to the launch of TGBTK that will shed light on your blogging goals and future plans. So make sure you sign up for those. (More info on the pre-launch webinar, next).

Before we start, if you want to be in the know the minute TGBTK 2019 launches and receive behind the scenes information throughout launch week, you welcome to join my email list here:


Pre-launch: FREE webinars, September 30 and October 1 (offer expired)

Cart opens: Wednesday, October 2 at 8:00 am ET (offer expired)

Cart closes: Monday, October 7 at 11:59 pm ET (offer expired)

Flash Sale: Jan 15- 16, 2020

Price: Only $97.00 for the full bundle and BONUSES, optional $50.00 for Cheat Sheets

Value: 94 products worth $7395.27


  • 51 eCourses
  • 26 eBooks
  • 7 workbooks and printables
  • 5 templates and stock photos collections + membership sites

Categories include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Beyond blogging
  • Branding
  • Building your blog
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Creating and selling products
  • Design
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Finance and Legalities
  • Get started
  • Instagram
  • Monetization
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasting and Vlogging
  • Productity and Organization
  • SEO and Traffic
  • Tech and Support

To help put things perspective, let me give you a list of some of my favorite resources in this year’s bundle (I will also include their original price so that you can see the crazy value that this bundle offers):

  • Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! (eCourse) by Catherine Rosales $47.00
    Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and making money from your blog!
  • Virtual Assistant Jumpstart: How I Went From $0 to $3000 In Three Months (eCourse) by Alexandrea Harrelson $297.00
    Everything you need and more to get your Virtual Assistant business started on the right foot!
  • eBook Bestseller Bootcamp: The Ultimate Self-Publishing Course For Bloggers (eCourse) by Ana Savuica $197.00
  • Tripwire 101 For Bloggers: Start Making Money With Your Blog (eCourse) by Saira Perl $67.00
    How to use tripwires to start making money with your blog.
  • Amazon Affiliate Affluence: How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate (eBook) by Dale Persons $25.00
  • SEO Playbook for Bloggers (eBook) by Niki Robinson $49.00
    Covers all you need to know to start optimizing your posts for search.
  • YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start Course: How to Start a Channel with a Growth Trajectory (eCourse) by Jennifer Maker $47.00
  • How To Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads (eCourse) by Jessica Festa $149.00

Now, just think for a minute… for ONLY $97 you get over $8,000 worth of learning material (including bonuses!).



For those that opt to purchase TGBTK 2019 through my link, I am gifting them myMini On-Post SEO Guide with a downloadable Checklist.

So that every time you write a blog post, you know EXACTLY what steps to follow to ensure that your content has the best chances at ranking in Google.

All you have to do to claim your gift, is send me an email with a copy of your GBTK receipt to and I will be glad to send you a copy.

If you are part of my email list, just hit reply to any of my emails with a screenshot of your receipt and I will send you my “thank you” gift.

If  you have been with me for a while, you know how much emphasis I have been putting on SEO and organic traffic.

Because of the recent Pinterest and other social media handles algorithm changes, SEO is crucial for creating and sustaining consistent traffic.

So, no doubt myMini On-Post SEO Guide and Checklist is a great addition to this year’s bundle.

Remember, if you would like to stay ahead of the pack and sign up yourself with Ultimate Bundle’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit team to be the first to know when they launch Oct.2 or when the flash-sale takes place Jan. 15, 2020 you can do so here.


NOTE: The free webinars have expired, HOWEVER you will receive instant access to both webinars if you purchase the bundle

This year Ultimate Bundles is hosting a totally FREE webinar series leading up to the GBTK2019 that you don’t want to miss!

TGBTK 2019

Here are the details:

FREE WEBINAR 1: Blogging without Limits with Ruth Soukup

If you’re an intermediate to advanced blogger, trying to navigate the ever-changing blogging environment, this webinar is for you!

Highly successful pro-blogger and author Ruth Soukup will be delivering this FREE webinar called Blogging without Limits: How to Redefine Your Blog’s Potential by Adapting to the Latest Industry Changes on Monday, September 30 at 7 pm EST.

Ruth is the founder of the popular blogs and She’s spent years navigating changing trends in the blogosphere, done her research into what really works, and found way to shift and keep growing no matter what comes her way.

At this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What popular blogging strategies just aren’t working like they used to
  • The latest blogging trends smart bloggers are focusing on
  • How to decide which opportunities to prioritize and which to pass on
  • Advice for staying motivated when things are always changing
  • How to transform every industry change into an opportunity for growth

>> Sign up for this FREE webinar, here <<

FREE WEBINAR 2: Blog What you Know with Bob Lotich

If you’re a new blogger, or you’re thinking about starting a blog, then this webinar is for you!

Bob Lotich will be delivering a FREE webinar called Blog What You Know: The 3 Keys to Taking Your Life’s Biggest Challenges and Turn Them into a Thriving Blog on Tuesday, October 1st at 12:30pm Eastern OR 8:30pm Eastern.

After paying off $46K in debt, Bob launched the popular blog SeedTime (formerly ChristianPF), to share with others what he’d learned about personal finance the hard way. That was 12 years ago, and since then, Bob’s blog has been visited by over 50,000,000 people and provides a comfortable income for his family of 5!

At this free webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify knowledge and experiences you might want to blog about
  • Be a trusted expert on your topic (even if you don’t have a fancy degree)
  • Build a high traffic blog without creating a ton of content
  • Focus on the blogging actions that lead to real results
  • Set up smart systems for growing a successful blog in your spare time

>> Sign up of this FREE webinar, here <<


The bonuses make it even easier to start (or grow!) your blog, because you can get free, extended trials to technology that will help you save money, while making money.

In addition to the 94 resources in this bundle, you also get bonuses from companies who can help you and your blog succeed.

Here’s just a handful of the bonuses you get:

Early Bird Bonus [Expired]

Early bird bonus

If you purchase the bundle within the first 2 days of launch you receive:

  • Cheat Sheets ($50) value
  • 2 FREE months Shaker subscription from Podia, $158 value. Existing customers receive a FREE 30-minute One-on-One Sales Coaching Session 

Along with the purchase of your Bundle, you will also have the option to buy “Cheat Sheets”.

This is a game changer, because with these time-saving cheat sheets, you can review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time, and then dive deeper into the topics that matter most for your blog.

Bonuses included with the bundle 

  • 2 months FREE from ConvertKit
  • 2 month FREE Unlimited Subscription from Stencil, $40 value 
  • $45 off of Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram from Tailwind App, $45 value
  • FREE Site Scan + Content Audit Statistical Report (with a $7 processing fee) from The Blog Fixer, $65 value
  • 5 FREE fonts from The Hungry JPEG

What is the best way to tackle the bundle?

I know 94 blogging products all at once might seem really intimidating and overwhelming.

You won’t go through all the products all at once, and in most cases you won’t need all 94 products.

So, where do you start?

Along with the purchase of your Bundle, you will also have the option to buy “Cheat Sheets”. 

This is a game changer, because with these time-saving cheat sheets, you can review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time, and then dive deeper into the topics that matter most for your blog.

Another way to tackle the TGBTK2019 Bundle is ask yourself, what immediate things should I be leaning to help my blog grow faster!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is imperative I learn first to help my blog grow faster?
  2. What categories of blogging am I currently struggling with and could use more help on?

If you don’t have the answers to those questions, then consider referring to the bundle year-round as you move along your blogging journey and new challenges arise.

For instance, when I was looking to make my Blogcabulary Plus Sales Page earlier last year, I looked at my GBTK 2017 bundle for help.

I found an eCourse that walked me step-by-step on how to create a stunning sales page.

I didn’t have to invest what would have otherwise been nearly $60 on that resource alone because I already had it.

Think of it as your infinite library of the best blogging tools and resources that will help you:

All 94 resources for only $97 

That kind of offer to me is a no-brainer.

Had I known about TGBTK my first year of blogging I would have saved myself hundreds of dollars.

If you don’t know what you should be focusing on to help your blog grow, consider the following categories (all of which are included in this year’s bundle):

  • Traffic and SEO
  • Pinterest
  • Make money blogging
  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Product Creation
  3. Working with Brands
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media/Podcasting
  • Content Creation
  • Understanding WordPress and Code

Whatever you chose to focus on first, know that by learning the techniques, tips, and strategies taught in these resources, you will be able to make your investment of $97 back in no time (and then some!).

Ultimately, knowledge is power.

If you want to make money blogging and you want to turn it into a business you have to be informed and educated on all aspects of blogging, and Lord knows is A LOT of information.

To become a nurse and practice medicine I went to school for 4 years and invested thousands of dollars to be proficient in my career.

Profitable blogging is no different, and quite honestly $97 for 94 blogging tools and resources (plus bonuses) it’s a steal!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019, TGBTK2019

In Conclusion

I can assure you, TGBTK 2019 is the best investment you will make for your blog.

It allows you to have all the resources you need to start/grow your blog on a year-round basis without having to spend hundreds of dollars on individual learning resources.

It is easy to see that the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles is a must for bloggers who wish to take their blogs to the next level and save thousands of dollars in the process.

I don’t only believe in the quality of their bundles but in their company mission and their integrity as people.

Whether you get to purchase the Bundle, become an Ultimate Bundle’s affiliate, or become a UB contributor yourself, you will see first-hand their commitment to their affiliate partners, product creators, and their customers.

As always, I hope this was helpful to you and feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments or send me an email.

So, what do you think of The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019?

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    1. Hi Jeremy!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      It is hands down the best blogging deal of the year.

      • Convertkit existing customer get five free visual automation templates.

      • Tailwind existing customers get to beta test their new Instagram bio link tool.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

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