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The Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers in 2022 (Beginner-Advanced)

There are a lot of Pinterest Courses for bloggers in the market today. After all, almost every blogger learns to use this powerhouse of a platform to get fast and free traffic.

However, not all Pinterest courses are created equal. In fact, some are a complete waste of your hard earned money and time.

Why take a Pinterest course for bloggers? 

Pinterest is hands down the best way to get traffic to your site, fast!

Now don’t get me wrong, that shouldn’t be by any means the only traffic source you should be focusing on. In fact, learning SEO from the start can set you up for a lifetime of organic steady traffic independent from the fluctuations of social media’s algorithms.

With that said, Pinterest is currently one the fastest ways a blogger can get free traffic to their site within a short period of time.

Pinterest is the main source of traffic for many successful bloggers today (including myself) but it doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch.

It takes a solid Pinterest strategy, platform knowledge, and being in tune with the latest algorithms changes.

After 3 years of blogging, 2 blogs, thousands of circulating pins and coming across dozens of Pinterest courses, I have narrowed it down to the top 5 Best Pinterest Courses for bloggers I believe I worth every penny!

These are, in my opining, and that of many other bloggers who have taken these courses the best investment of your money.

Although they all teach about Pinterest, they also focus and target different Pinterest expertise levels, beginner to advance (more about the course levels next).

I will break each one down, as detailed as I can, so that you can decide which one best meets your needs.

But, first…

How to Choose the Best Pinterest Course for you?

When choosing a Pinterest course there a few things you should take into consideration. After all, although Pinterest courses for bloggers fundamentally teach most of the same principals, they vary in multiple factors.

Next, are a few things you should consider before choosing the best Pinterest course for you.


Beginner Pinterest courses for bloggers range anywhere between $59 and $197, while more advance courses can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

While it is important to consider your budget when opting for a Pinterest course, it is just as important to ensure that the course you are opting for meets your learning needs.

Material Coverage 

Although all Pinterest course for bloggers teach about, well… Pinterest, some extent beyond the basic into other important blogging processes.

For instance… some of the Intermediate and Advanced Pinterest Courses in this list also cover:

  • Strategy
  • Pin Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Funnels
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Becoming Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  • …and more!

It is up to you to choose a Pinterest course that encompasses all of the areas you are looking to learn as you move through each lesson.

Course Level

Much like the material coverage of each Pinterest Course, taking a look at the course level might help you decide which Pinterest course to purchase.

He is an approximate baseline to help decide what Pinterest Course level you should opt for:

Beginner. A Pinterest Course for Beginners tends to cater to those who have little Pinterest knowledge, or not at all. In most cases, a beginner’s Pinterest Course will walk you through basic Pinterest tasks such as opening your Pinterest account and creating Pinterest boards from scratch.

Intermediate. Intermediate Pinterest courses are geared for those who already have a Pinterest account and that are somewhat familiar with the platform. If you have had Pinterest for a few months and are looking for a more solid Pinterest strategy, then an intermediate, advanced, or comprehensive Pinterest course is for you.

Advanced. An Advanced Pinterest Course is one that teaches beyond using Pinterest on its basic form. In other words, advanced Pinterest courses allow you to learn how to harvest the power of Pinterest and leverage to make consistent profit. Examples of advanced Pinterest Courses in this list are Pin Practical Promotions (learning how to run Pinterest Ads), and VA Ninja (Becoming a Pinterest Manager).

Basic. Basic Pinterest Course for bloggers teach you everything you need to create and manage a successful Pinterest account. Don’t let the word “basic” fool you though! The “basic” Pinterest courses in this list are packed with top of the line lessons to help learn all about Pinterest and how to use it to grow your blog!

Comprehensive. A Comprehensive Pinterest Course is one that teaches beyond the Pinterest basics. It typically covers other aspects of profitable blogging strategies that organically merge with Pinterest, such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, and funnel creation.

Teaching Method

Not everyone learns the same way. While some prefer written material, others rather learn by looking at instructional videos.

All Pinterest Courses mentioned in the following list have a good combination of both, but that is definitely something to think about as you browse through their sales pages.


While some people prefer lengthy courses that walk them by the hand step-by-step, others rather learn by following short, “to the point” instruction.

Make you sure you take into consideration the course length before you take your pick.

Instructor Experience and Success 

Virtually anyone can create a course and sell it these days. But, that doesn’t mean that is helpful or that the content creator in credible.

Before you invest money in any blogging course it is important to know who the course creator is, and why they are qualified to teach you about a particular subject.

All of the Pinterest Courses for bloggers found on this list were created by very successful boggers. They all have ample credibility when it comes to not only Pinterest but blogging as a whole.

You will get to know a little bit more about each course creation as you read the course descriptions below.


Last but not least, is Bonuses! All of these Pinterest Courses for bloggers come with great Bonuses that you can use to further reach your Pinterest mastering goals.

Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers

Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers

**This post contains some “affiliate links”. Click here for more info.

Best Pinterest Courses Overview

  1. Pin for Profits (Beginner, Basic)
  2. Pinterest Ninja Course (Beginner, Comprehensive)
  3. Pinteresting Strategies (Intermediate, Strategy)
  4. Pin Practical Promotions – Pinterest Ads (Advanced)
  5. VA Ninja (Intermediate, Advanced)

1. Pin for Profits (Beginner, Basic)

Pin to Profits Pinterest Course for BeginnersThe Pin for Profits: Beginners Bundle is a thorough Pinterest Course taught by McKenzie Bean from Mom Makes Cents.

This Pinterest Course for bloggers is a step-by-step guide to using Pinterest strategically to grow your blog or business.

It is a great choice for bloggers who are brand new to using Pinterest for blogging.

This Pinterest Course is bundled into TWO crucial parts of mastering Pinterest for blogging, and they are:

Pinterest for Profits : Foundations

The Foundations course is a deep-dive into creating a profitable Pinterest strategy. With these 30 lessons, video tutorials, and worksheets you will learn how to…

  • Strategically setup your Pinterest account
  • Set up Rich Pins
  • Optimize your Pinterest profile
  • Create Pins with viral potential
  • Advanced pinning strategies to get the click!
  • Group boards spreadsheet with 570+ group boards!

Pin for Profits: Tailwind 

This useful course come with 6  video tutorials that walk you through how to create a powerful strategy using the Tailwind scheduler. You will learn how to…

  • Schedule pins on Tailwind
  • Tailwind Analytics
  • Drive traffic with Tailwind Tribes
  • Easily recycle your content with the Tailwind Smartloop


In addition, as part of the Pin for Profits: Beginner Bundle you will receive super useful bonuses, including:

  • $30 Tailwind Credit ($30 value)
  • Canva Pinterest Graphic Templates ($27 value)
  • 50 Styled Stock Photos ($100 value)

Mckenzie has been a blogger for almost 7 years, and currently teaches others how to build profitable blogs and businesses online by leveraging the power of Pinterest.

2. Pinterest Ninja (Beginner, Comprehensive)

best SEO Courses for Bloggers, Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Ninja Course was created by Megan Johnson from Love Family Health.

If you are new to Pinterest and need someone to guide you by the hand from beginning to end, Pinterest Ninja is for you. This info-packed interactive eCourse walks you all the way from setting up a Business Pinterest account all the way to mastering pinning,  Pinterest SEO, Pinterest algorithm and so much MORE!

As Megan states, “Every single step in this course has taken me from earning less than $100 a month with my blog, to over $10,000 a month with my blog, in just over a year (And that is via affiliate marketing, not course sales or coaching. It will take WORK, but I will guide you every step of the way!”

Because she extends her lessons in the Bonus section to affiliate marketing I consider this Pinterest Course to be comprehensive.

Here is an overview of the Pinterest Ninja Course curriculum: 

* Each Chapter contains 2-7 training videos

  • Chapter 1: Set Up and Basics
  • Chapter 2: Niche Boards and Group Boards
  • Chapter 3: Keywords!
  • Chapter 4: All About Pins
  • Chapter 5: Pinterest Analytics
  • Chapter 6: Pinning Strategies and Tailwind
  • Bonus: Social Media Tips
  • Bonus: Affiliate Marketing
  • Private Facebook Group where Megan does a LIVE monthly training and answers your question
  • Pinterest Ninja eBook

I love that her Affiliate Marketing Bonus includes:

  • 85 affiliates (organized by niche), so you can easily join right away and start making money with your blog!
  • How to create pins that promote your affiliates without having to write a blog post!
  • 4+ ways to market your affiliates that don’t have to do with a blog post!

Monthly Pin Template Subscription 

In addition to Pinterest Ninja, Megan also offers a Pin Template Monthly subscription which is a SANITY saver.

If you know anything about Pinterest, is that to maximize your reach you should be creating Pinterest Pins, daily! This Monthly Pinterest Template Membership will save you an incredible amount of time and hassle.

For only $15 a month, you get:

  • 25 New Editable Pinterest Templates (every month)
  • Top trends for every single month of the year
  • A list of keywords for those trending keywords
  • Trigger Word PDF to help with Pin conversion
  • No joining fee, no cancellation fee, cancel at any time!
  • Receive all of this fresh content the 1st of every month

Note: You do not need to enroll in Pinterest Ninja to join this Monthly Membership. Subscribing to this membership is completely independent from any of these Pinterest Courses.

3. Pinteresting Strategies (Intermediate)

Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers- Pinteresting Strategies

Pinteresting Strategies is a popular Pinterest course created Carly, founder of Mommy on Purpose.

She walks you through how she gets over 200k views a month through Pinterest and earns thousands of dollars in revenue with her pinning method.

One of the biggest reasons for this Pinterest Course popularity (besides the incredible results from her students) is because she teaches you her incredible successful manual pinning method.

This course’s format is a combination of videos and written content. It has a great flow and contains endless golden nuggets throughout.

Carly recently also added Tailwind strategies for those who are also looking to use Tailwind (a Pinterest scheduler).

Her curriculum includes important Pinterest strategies, such as:

  • Getting started with Pinterest
  • Good niche or bad niche?
  • How the Pinterest algorithm actually works
  • SEO (search engine optimization) for Pinterest
  • How to create pins that get clicks
  • New pins VS “fresh” pins – semantics won’t matter after you take this course!
  • Do followers still matter?
  • What Pinterest Analytics are telling you
  • What you can learn about your Pinterest traffic via Google Analytics
  • Should you create video pins?
  • Do group boards still work in 2020?
  • What kind of photos perform BEST on the platform
  • What to do if your account gets blocked
  • BONUS: 15 Pin Templates!

Note: If you are also looking to simultaneously learn about affiliate marketing, you have to check out the Pinteresting Strategies and Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Bundle

The Bundle consists of 2 individual courses: Pinteresting Strategies and Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers. Both courses are packed with fundamental information, with video instructions, to help you master Pinterest and implement affiliate marketing simultaneously.

When you purchase BOTH courses as a bundle, you will receive:

  • Pinteresting Strategies ($57 Value)
  • Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers ($79 Value)
  • 17 Pin Design Training (Value $17)

Individually, these courses have a total value of $153, BUT if you buy it as a BUNDLE deal you only pay $95 (that’s a 37% savings!).

Pin Practical Promotions: Pinterest Ads (Advanced)

Best Pinterest Courses for Bloggers- Pin Practical Promotions

Pin Practical Promotions is the best Pinterest Ads Course Available also by Monica Froese.

If you need a Pinterest strategy that isn’t at the whim of an algorithm change, or if your are looking to learn all about Pinterest ads to offer Pinterest services, this course is for you.

Pin Practical Promotions is your next-level course on how to strategize, implement, analyze, and refine profitable promoted pin campaigns at a low-cost to you.

“But wait… don’t I have to ‘pay’ to promote pins? Why would I want to do that?”

People assume that when you “pay” for promoted Pins you are “spending” money.

This course is design to help you change your perspective on that. Simply because when you put all the strategies in place taught to you in Pin Practical Promotions, you will be “investing” money to make you more! And that is the difference at randomly promoting content vs promoting content with a clear plan of action.

This is an example Monica uses on the Pin Practical Promotion’s Sales Page:

Best Pinterest Courses- Pin Practical Promotions 2

  • 47 product sales
  • Each sale cost $3.60 on a $9 product
  • $440 profit on $169.20 ad spend — 259.72% RETURN ON INVESTMENT!
  • 557 new email subscribers acquired at only $.30 per subscriber

Make what you spent on ads with a tripwire offer!

Here are other recent results from Pin Practical Promotions students:

  • Brandi recently spent $33 and made over $1,000 on an online course in less than a week!
  • Jennifer quadrupled her investment by promoting a $17 digital product. She spent $1,376.54 and made $6,001!
  • Monica recently ran a 2-week campaign where she spent $169.20 and made $440 on a $9 product!
  • Kristen doubled her email list!
  • Kara collected 456 new email subscribers in the B2B space for $.93 per lead and made her money back with a tripwire!

I mean, the results are endless, just take a quick look at the sales page and see it for your yourself.

For the time being, Pin Practical Promotions just recently opened for year-round enrollment! So if you are ready to make the commitment of absorbing all of this crazy knowledge from Monica and make 3 and 4-fold what you invest in your Pinterest campaigns, you can enroll here.

5. VA Ninja: Pinterest Virtual Assistant (Intermediate, Advanced)

VA Ninja Pinterest Course

Va Ninja is another course by Megan Johnson creator of Pinterest Ninja.

She teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your Virtual Assistant Business of the ground.

Here is all that’s included in this course:

  • Chapter 1: Do you need a website? And if so, how to quickly start one! Or, can you use your current website? If so, how you can add your new services to your existing site.
  • Chapter 2: What does a Pinterest VA do? All the daily tasks a Pinterest VA has to complete. 
  • Chapter 3: Legal + Banking + Taxes + Invoicing.
  • Chapter 4: Package creation and what to charge! PLUS, this chapter is full of EDITABLE templates for you to use as your own!
  • Chapter 5: Contracts and welcome packages! Did I mention editable templates? Yep, this chapter has those too!
  • Chapter 6: Monthly Reports + weekly plan + workflow!
  • + More editable templates! Woo!
  • Chapter 7: Your resume and reviews! 
  • Chapter 8: Marketing and how to land your first client! Plus, a HUGE perk you will learn about on the sales page!

So, if you are ready to start earning right away and start booking clients while your blog income grows don’t miss out on this info packed course.

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In Summary 

There you have it!

Here is a summary of all of the Pinterest Courses for Bloggers we just covered:

  1. Pin to Profits (Beginner, Basic)
  2. Pinterest Ninja Course (Beginner, Comprehensive)
  3. Pinteresting Strategies (Intermediate, Strategy)
  4. Pin Practical Promotions – Pinterest Ads (Advanced)
  5. VA Ninja (Intermediate, Advanced)

Additionally, if you don’t have the time and/or patience to create effective and consistent Pins from scratch, look into this Pinterest Pin Templates Bundle.

The Bundle includes 30 high quality, click-worthy, and sanity-saving beautiful Pinterest Templates, in 3 different sizes, with video instructions and value-packed special BONUS.

>> Grab the Pinterest Template Bundle, here <<

I know how hard it is to sort out through hundreds of Pinterest Courses and wonder which one is the best match for you.

I hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make a decision to invest in your blog and start seeing the results you deserve.

What Pinterest Courses for Bloggers have you taken? 

Don’t forget to Pin for later….

Top Pinterest Courses for Bloggers (from beginner to advanced)

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  1. Hi!

    I’m so glad I came across this post. I’m trying to decide which Pinterest course to take but I’m always afraid it won’t be up to date, since Pinterest is always changing things up.

    The ones I saw that looked more interesting were Anastasia’s and the one from Xceedable, have you heard of that one? I saw their webinar and they actually mentioned they keep it updated so I’m considering it…

    Any other suggestions you can give me? Like other courses that came up since?

    I would really appreciate it.


    1. Hi Helen, I totally understand your concern as Pinterest is everchanging. The courses I recommend here are those that I know well. Not just the value and validity of the content, but the credibility of the course creators. I have heard of Anastasia but I don’t know much about her or her course to recommend it. As far as updates, I recommend you read the sale’s page of each course and see if you can find an “updated date”. I know for a fact Carly just updated Pinteresting Strategies, but I can guarantee you that you won’t go wrong with any of the above choices. Good Luch!

  2. Is this list just of Pin courses you’ve taken?

    Along with Pinterest Strategies I’ve come across Anastasia Blogger’s, Create and Go’s, and TheSheAproach courses. Have you taken any of those? A couple of those are pricey.

    1. Hey B, great question…

      I have not taken all of these but I have taken most. It wouldn’t be financially savvy to invest in too many courses on the same topic.

      However, I am VERY active in Facebook Blogging groups where I keep up to date with what bloggers are finding extremely useful and valuable. I have also taken other courses by all of these course creators so I know their credibility.

      I know there are many good Pinterest courses out there, but for the purpose of this list and my personal experience , I narrowed them down to the best Pinterest courses for each category: beginner, beginner-comprehensive, mid-level, Pinterest ads, and Becoming a VA.

      The difference in price comes down to the course’s information load, course structure, course creator expertise, and the results that you will acquire after course completion.

      For instance, Monica’s Pin Practical Promotions is the only course of its kind. Her knowledge on this topic is unparalleled, and the increase in revenue after taking this course have been proven over over by her students, hence the price tag. By applying her strategies, you will receive your investment back in no time. Same with VA Ninja. Courses that teach you how to make money will be more expensive in nature because you will be making that money back once you apply the information taught to you.

      So, in essence, yes there many Pinterest Courses on the market, however this lists is curated to help you narrow down to the best Pinterest courses in each category from personal experience and that of many other bloggers.

      I hope this answers your question. 🙂

  3. I have a question for you:I’m trying to decide between Pinterest Ninja and Pinteresting Strategies. My personal Pinterest has always done extremely well, and I’d consider myself almost an expert personal pinner. However, I have NO idea how to transfer that success over to my blog’s business account. I don’t have a whole lot of posts yet, but I also don’t have any extra capital to invest into Tailwind. If you were in my shoes, which would you choose?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Emmma, great question.
      The goal of a personal Pinterest account it is simply to collect pins of interest to refer back to at a later time. There isn’t a particular order or strategy to pinning. With a Business account however, pinning has to be extremely strategic in order for your pins to have the best chance at “taking off”.

      With that said, both Pinterest Ninja and Pinteresting Strategies will give you great insight on Pinning Strategies. However, if you already know the Pinterest basics and aren’t looking to invest in Tailwind just yet… consider Pinteresting Strategies. Carly goes over her manual pinning method which might find really useful.

      I hope this helps.

      Nataly 🙂

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